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Our main aim is to get your advert working for you - we want that phone to ring off the hook. If we could guarantee that every advert would work - we would be richer than Lord Sugar! Unfortunately no-one has the universal secret of what makes readers respond to a particular advert at a specific time. We do have considerable experience in that field and can advise you - but no guarantees.

We are proud to recall that one of our advertisers - a Fish & Chip Shop in Sanderstead ran a voucher offer and received 734 vouchers back in his shop! At a response rate to circulation of just over 12%

Exceptional but good to know it can work spectacularly.


Relax - if you don’t have artwork, or haven’t advertised before - we will take care of that for you - usually at no cost.

We will create artwork for you, generally giving you options and choices, from a business card, letterhead or website.

Our rate card contains all of the mechanical dimension sizes that artwork needs to be formatted to - we are B5 (170mm x2 40mm) size.

The preferred format for artwork is PDF (Portable Document Format)

but we can accept JPEG’s. TIFF’s. GIF’s or EPS.

We can accept any of the popular Microsoft Office suite outputs, but please remember they were not designed for professional print output.

Any queries please call 01883 343001 to discuss, or request a rate card